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Full-Service Fleet Leasing

Innovative Fleet Management

Full Service Lease:

The turnkey solution for your fleet

Owning, running and maintaining a private fleet can be costly and time-consuming. Especially if fleet management isn’t your core competency. Are you maximizing fleet uptime? Can you get moving quickly in the event of a breakdown? Or do you spend too much time and working capital on your fleet?

Let Ryder focus on your fleet, so you can focus on what matters: your business.

With a Ryder Full Service Lease, you can free up time and resources for other areas of your business. We take care of everything from vehicle specification, configuration, financing and acquisition to fleet maintenance and disposal. Since no two companies or fleets are alike, we’ll tailor your fleet lease to your unique needs so you can right-size, run and manage your fleet with less capital and lower costs. We’re in the fleet management business so you don’t have to be. Let our full service truck lease help you:

  • Minimize fleet downtime
  • Maintain a consistent level of fleet maintenance and repair
  • Free up working capital and lower costs

Fleet Leasing

VOSA Full Service Lease

Full Service Lease VOSA

A Ryder VOSA-compliant fleet lease combines the one-stop simplicity of a Full Service Lease with the tax benefits of ownership.

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Fair Market Value Lease

Full Service Lease - FMV

Get the win-win fleet lease that combines low monthly payments with flexible terms, 100% off-balance sheet financing and the option to buy or return the vehicle at lease end.

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Vehicle Sourcing

Vehicle Sourcing

Need help procuring vehicles? We’ll source vehicles to meet your specifications and help you finance them by combining an operating truck lease with a fleet maintenance agreement. At the end of your fleet lease, return the vehicles to us, without worrying about residuals.

Ryder Fleet Buy-Out Program

Ryder’s Fleet Buy-Out Program offers you the quickest, easiest route to modernize your fleet, turn your old vehicles into cash and move into a worry-free, affordable Full Service Lease.

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Commercial Fleet Maintenance


Comprehensive fleet maintenance comes standard with a Ryder Full Service Lease. So does convenient access to a nationwide network of service centers and Ryder preventive maintenance, including regularly schedule inspections, follow-up service and multi-point inspections at every fueling.

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Fuel, Safety & Vehicle Coverage

Value added services

There’s more to a Full Service Lease than world-class financial management, maintenance and support. We keep your business moving with replacement vehicles and rental discounts and take care of licensing, permitting and fuel tax reporting, tires and washing and management reports, with optional fuel, safety and vehicle coverage.

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Full Service Leasing

Ryder Full Service Leasing is the one-stop solution for fleet management, reducing your risk so you can Drive What Matters.

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