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End-to-end solutions that go the distance

Alternative Fuels

As diesel prices trend upward, how do you power your fleet without breaking the bank? How do you transition to a cleaner, domestic energy source without the costs, complexity or risks of private ownership?

If you’re ready to drive a cleaner, greener fleet but want to keep things simple, Ryder can help you achieve your sustainability goals. With expertise in biodiesel, electric, hybrid electric and natural gas, we offer alternative fuels solutions that deliver sustainable fleet advantages like lower costs, a smaller footprint and predictable pricing.

It’s what we call sustainable efficiencies made simple.

Alternative Fuels Solutions

Natural Gas Solutions

Think lower fleet fuel costs. Predictable pricing. Greater operational efficiencies. And a cost advantage that's expected to grow by 50 percent1 over the long term.

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Natural Gas Initiatives

Partner with a company that’s leading key initiatives to advance sustainability.

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Electric Solutions

When it comes to driving a greener transportation strategy, electric vehicles offer key benefits. They cost far less than conventional vehicles to own, operate and maintain. They use no fuel – and generate no emissions. Naturally.

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Get the best of both worlds with hybrid trucks that combine two power sources to accelerate fuel economy, reduce emissions, cut costs and improve fuel efficiency by as much as 40 percent.

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Natural Gas Infographic

Learn how the cleanest burning fossil fuel - Natural Gas - is transported from its origin and transformed into what is used in homes and commercial transportation.

Ryder’s Sustainability Report

Ryder's latest corporate sustainability report.

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