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Truck Driver Training

Driving safety behind the wheel

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to improve fleet safety, minimize crashes and improve customer satisfaction is to constantly train and retrain drivers on critical driving skills? It's true. Well-trained drivers are better able to handle the daily challenges of transporting cargo safely. And it doesn't just improve driving skills. It makes everyone in the driver pool safer and more productive.

Online Training for Ryder Truck Drivers

With Ryder Pro-Tread training, it's easy and effective for every driver to get up to speed on driving skills. Pro-TREAD training comprises an extensive assortment of interactive, easy-to-use web-based training sessions that are taken at each driver's convenience. Best of all, there's no question about whether or not drivers are learning the material. A 100-percent mastery score is required to complete the lesson, which is scored, documented and available to fleet supervisors and managers at any time. Ryder online training:

  • Is based on the only federally-approved driver training program
  • Trains and re-trains on all the basics of smart, safe driving
  • Is regarded as the best produced, most enjoyable and effective training available
  • Is totally interactive: drivers learn at their own pace
  • Lets you select lessons from a constantly growing menu
  • Is easy to register and use over the internet
  • Provides bullet-proof documentation of all of your drivers' training
  • Includes the Entry-Level Driver Suite of four federally mandated lessons
  • Is constantly updated with all federal policy revisions
  • Is a small investment that delivers big benefits

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