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Keep driver skills fresh and up to date

Investing in training programs is always a smart move. Well-trained drivers are better equipped to handle the daily challenges of transporting cargo safely. Ongoing training not only improves the skills of your entire driver pool, it makes everyone safer and more productive.

Based on the only federally-approved driver training program, Ryder Pro-TREAD® interactive courses train and retrain your drivers on all the basics of safe, smart driving. Drivers learn online at their convenience and can only complete lessons with a 100% mastery score. The program is updated regularly with all federal policy revisions.

Ryder Pro-TREAD training is:

  • The best produced, most enjoyable, and most effective training available
  • Totally interactive: drivers learn at their own pace
  • Flexible: you select any lessons you want from a constantly growing menu
  • Simple to register and use over the Web
  • Supported with bullet-proof documentation of all your drivers’ training
  • Designed to include an entry-level driver suite of four federally mandated lessons
  • Constantly updated with federal policy revisions

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All courses

Explore our entire course offering in alphabetical order.

Learn more

Compliance safety and accountability - CSA

Get up to date on CSA requirements for managers and drivers.

Learn more

Driver wellness

Learn how drivers can improve fitness and health to reduce fatigue and drive safer.

Learn more

Driving fundamentals

Refresh your skills and knowledge of driving basics like defensive driving, backing and docking, night driving, winter driving and more.

Learn more

Federally mandated courses

Satisfy federal requirements for driver training when it’s most convenient.

Learn more

Hazmat training

Stay up to date on transporting loads and loading/unloading and handling hazardous materials.

Learn more

OSHA topics

Explore a variety of courses that provide refreshers on OSHA safety requirements.

Learn more

Trailer and tanker training

Sharpen your skills on securing cargo, connecting/disconnecting tractors and trailers, tanker protective equipment and inspections, fifth wheels and tandem axles.

Learn more

Vehicle and warehouse training

Brush up on safety, maintenance, emergency maneuvers, workplace and hazard awareness and more as they pertain to vehicles and warehouse facilities.

Learn more

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