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Make Your Truck Fleet Your Advantage Make Your Truck Fleet Your Competitive Advantage

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Even though your fleet is essential to the success of your business, you probably feel that managing it is more like a second job that takes you away from what you do best. You may even notice that it often takes you away from your customers - and your staff who are trying to provide your customers with the best service. It’s possible too that you’ve seen your fleet as a drain on profitability, and as an obstacle to growth for your company. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can turn the challenges of running your fleet into initiatives that fast forward your profitability and your growth.  All you need to do is rethink the way you manage it.

Are you saving time and money in managing your vehicles? Can you show how you’re doing it? If not, you are denying yourself and your business well-deserved time and money.

With proper fleet management, your vehicles can become:

  • Efficient and predictable in performance and cost
  • Customer service-driven brand messengers
  • A competitive advantage

There are a number of ways to achieve these goals, but all of them require you to change how you feel about doing everything your fleet needs by yourself. To know whether you are ready to rethink how your fleet is managed, ask yourself if you are ready to do one or all of these things:

Save money by leasing rather than owning

The right truck lease program is one way to get out of the transportation business so you can focus on your core business. By leasing with the right provider, you can free up your capital for the investments that are most important to you. And you don’t have to worry about unpredictable costs because the best leases include all maintenance, as well as emergency roadside service and rapid vehicle replacement. You can even lease vehicles and drivers, which is a particularly effective solution for addressing your peak season requirements and the driver shortage.

If owning is still right for you, consider contracting out maintenance

With the right company, you will get better rates and services, plus more uptime from your vehicles. You’ll have a choice of programs that include all services, just preventive maintenance, or on-demand service for just when you need it.

You should also be able to get these services where and when you need them from certified technicians using the best equipment. The best companies offer this service either at your company, at a shop, from a mobile unit – or even a combination of these options.

Work with a top quality company that gives you options for special services

Because your transportation needs vary from time to time, keep in mind that you can get the support you need for important services like:

Fuel  – At preferred rates

Vehicle Rental  – Priced well and perfectly dependable

Used Vehicle Sales  – Exceptional value and pricing

Insurance  – Get precisely the protection you need

Safety  – Performed so you lose risk and stay compliant with regulations

Alternate Fuels  – Access to the best when you need them

Before you consider working with a partner to help manage your fleet, make sure any company you are talking with can prove to you how they have saved time and money for small business fleets. They should be able to show you how specific strategies helped real companies. The best ones will have examples in which their customers tell you how these services delivered for them.

"You can turn the challenges of running your fleet into initiatives that fast forward your profitability and your growth."