2023 Ryder E-Commerce Consumer Study

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Ryder 2023 E-Commerce Consumer Study

According to our new study, Adapting to Inflation: Consumer Outlook on E-Commerce, customers have higher expectations than ever before. But, that is not as surprising as what is driving purchasing behavior and customer retention or what is pushing customers away.

Ryder’s 2023 e-commerce consumer study explores the shopping behaviors, preferences, and expectations of 1,077 U.S. online shoppers. This steadfast benchmark includes key areas like omnichannel fulfillment, packaging, shipping, returns, and sustainability, across four key demographics and all major industries.

Some key results:

64% of respondents said free shipping plays the biggest role in where they shop

65% said returnless refunds drive them to shop with certain brands

64% of shoppers have yet to use Buy Now, Pay Later

80% of shoppers will not complete an order if shipping costs more than their items

Download the full study to see all the results.


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