How Faherty Achieved Streamlined Multichannel Fulfillment

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E-commerce brands want a path toward sustainable growth. That begins with a streamlined fulfillment and distribution strategy. Being a rapidly expanding retail business means more opportunities for revenue generation. It also brings numerous growing pains if your fulfillment strategy cannot keep pace.

According to Forrester Research, retailers with three or more channels can increase order rates by more than 490%. This shows how having the right fulfillment strategy can boost growth using multichannel fulfillment.

Faherty is one of those brands that has seen impressive growth by leveraging multiple channels to build a thriving apparel business and community. After partnering with Ryder E-commerce, Faherty has gained the support needed to create a flexible, efficient fulfillment operation with the ability to scale in the future.

Having access to greater customization during the fulfillment process was of high importance to Faherty, who required a very nimble operation to keep pace with changing consumer tastes:

“A lot of 3PLs want to set the rules and have their customers fit in with their processes, rather than the other way around.” Says Mark Engebretson, Global Operations Lead at Faherty. “But as a fashion brand, Faherty needed a fulfillment operation with the ability to move quickly and change priorities as circumstances demand it. From the beginning, Ryder E-commerce really wanted to understand our business model and what we needed to meet our goals.”

Download the case study to learn more.

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