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    • When buying a used commercial vehicle, there are many factors you need to assess in order to get the right truck for you and your business. Read our blogs What to Know When Buying Used Commercial Vehicles or Used Truck Buying: What’s Under the Hood. Or speak to your Ryder sales expert.

    • Yes, customers can test any of our vehicles before purchase. (CDL License may be required.) Call or visit your local UTC to schedule an appointment today. Ryder Used Trucks for Sale Center Locations

    • Yes it can. Transport fees vary by location.

    • Yes. At Ryder, we keep meticulous records of the servicing and maintenance of our vehicles! As we select specific units you are interested in, you can request the Sales Manager to pull those records for you.

    • Ryder offers three classes of preowned vehicles for sale - Ryder Certified, Ryder Verified, and Ryder As-Is. The warranty provided for each offering differs as follows:

      • Ryder Certified - The highest-quality vehicles we sell have each passed our rigorous 140-point inspection. Sales of these vehicles include a complimentary 30-day limited powertrain warranty. For each vehicle, Ryder provides the buyer with a full maintenance history and offers extended warranty contract options. Ask your sales expert for more information.
      • Ryder DOT Verified - All these vehicles we sell have been inspected and are DOT compliant. While they are sold without any warranty (where allowed by law), extended warranty contract options may be available for purchase. Ask your sales expert for more information.
      • Ryder As-Is - All vehicles are sold "as is." Ryder As-Is vehicles require repairs in order to be road ready and meet DOT standards. Warranty contracts are not offered for vehicles sold in "as-is" condition.
    • No matter what questions you have about your recently purchased used vehicle from Ryder, all you need to do is call one number: 1-800-GoRyder (4679337) and select option #5 (Used Vehicle Sales Support), or email, the industry’s first single-source customer care line.

    • For claims related to a Premium 2000+® warranty purchased through Ryder, call 888-883-2632.

    • Ryder has more than 800 service facilities nationwide, so it's easy for you to schedule your PM at a convenient location. Simply call 855-961-0855. Please have your maintenance contract available for reference.

    • There may be some negotiation room for certain vehicles, depending on a variety of factors. Build your fleet affordably and take advantage of the Ryder Manager’s Specials: our reduced prices on a variety of used trucks, tractors, and trailers will save you thousands.

    • View our current inventory by location at Used Truck Centre Locations | Ryder Used Trucks for Sale

    • Most vehicles require between 0% and 50% down payment depending on credit, borrowing history, length of time in business, and other factors. Connect with a sales expert to review further.

    • Ryder offers truck financing options that help you build your fleet affordably, whether you are coming in as an established business or as a start-up owner/operator. We can even include maintenance and warranty in the financing to keep your monthly payments low!

    • The financing process can be as quick as 24 hours or up to a week depending on documentation requirements from the lender. Speak to your sales expert to start the credit application process today.

    • Ryder has financing solutions for most credit cases; connect with a sales expert to review your history further. There are several factors besides credit score that go into getting approved for financing. The only way to know is to complete the Ryder Credit Application.

    • The lenders Ryder partners with specialize in commercial equipment and quick turnaround applications. We recommend reserving your bank line of credit for other day-to-day business needs.

    • Ryder collaborates with over 20 lenders in order to handle various credit situations. Connect with a sales expert to review further.

    • Ryder works with a lender that specializes in financing this type of equipment 

    • Call Ryder ChoiceLease at 888-292-4757 for more information.

    • Rent a truck from Ryder at any time and we'll discount 10% off the daily rate and mileage. Prior to renting, you will need to establish a Ryder rental account, with a certificate of insurance required. Some rental vehicle types may also require billing approval prior to rental acceptance. To receive your 10% discount, provide coupon code UVS10OFF when reserving your vehicle. Please call 888-997-9337 for more information.

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Would you like to talk to us about your current business needs?

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We may use the information you provide to contact you about Ryder System, Inc. We do not share/sell your data. To learn more, view our privacy policy.

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