Going Mobile with Fleet Maintenance Going Mobile with Fleet Maintenance

Mobile maintenance vehicle and technician

Companies with commercial fleets are in the business of delivering goods and services. For them, uptime means everything. That's why mobile truck maintenance can be an appealing option for a variety of fleets.

In many instances, mobile maintenance is used to supplement a fleet’s existing maintenance solution. For example, mobile maintenance can assist a fleet in maintaining vehicles that are unable to get back to service facilities for routine preventive maintenance. Instead, companies can schedule their mobile maintenance for when their trucks are idle - including nights and weekends - so they are ready to roll when they need them.

Because of mobile maintenance, gone are the days of having to rely solely on maintenance shops open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. With tight delivery windows and hours-of-service regulations, mobile maintenance offers a seamless experience that eases these challenges for fleets.  

When selecting a mobile maintenance provider, companies should look for a provider that offers a variety of services. Ryder, for example, offers customers the same diagnostic tools in their maintenance vehicles as they do in their traditional brick-and-mortar facilities. In addition to the traditional oil changes, brake service and inspections, Ryder Mobile Maintenance trucks also have all of the equipment needed to complete the industry’s most comprehensive 150-point preventive maintenance service, as well as wide array of warranty work and minor repairs. Ryder Mobile Maintenance also provides highly skilled technicians and mobile trucks that are equipped with an array of technologies to effectively diagnose, service, and track the maintenance on the fleet.

Additionally, mobile maintenance is a service delivery method that is highly customer focused. As such, the provider you select should be one that can demonstrate a commitment to delivering a mobile solution that is tailored to your needs. Because of this Ryder created the most flexible maintenance solution in the industry that offers fleets a number of maintenance options - full service, preventive, on-demand - to create customized solutions for various service delivery methods and commitment levels. 

As mobile technology has changed the way businesses operate and reach their customers, its only fitting that a company's maintenance solution goes mobile to keep up with the demands of their customers. Along with convenience and uptime, mobile maintenance gives companies reliability and faster turnaround times to meet customer expectations. 

To learn more about Ryder Mobile Maintenance and see the solution in action, watch this short video. 


Ryder Mobile Maintenance from Ryder System, Inc. on Vimeo.

"Because of mobile maintenance, gone are the days of having to rely solely on maintenance shops open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m."

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