Value-added Services

Benefit from our full suite of in-house 3PL value-added services available at all our e-commerce fulfillment facilities. These value-added services give your customers a unique unboxing experience fit for your brand. We are equipped on-site to respond to changes and get inventory ready for sale. From kitting, assembly, and custom packing to quality inspection to labeling and repackaging, we have the experience and internal resources to get your goods ready on time, every time.

Why Ryder?

An Ever better™ Unboxing Experience

Customize your e-commerce fulfillment solution with our 3PL value-added services. When you’re running a fulfillment operation, the unexpected is always just around the corner. And, we’re prepared for it. A major retailer needs to adjust packaging. A product experiences a price change. Your new online promotion includes a free gift. It isn’t always possible to plan for these curveballs, but you can have a provider who gets your product ready for sale exactly how you want it – no surprises. Our value-added services give you a competitive advantage and help you meet customer expectations.

  • E-commerce Value Added Services
    Ryder employees providing services from the fulfillment center

    E-commerce Value Added Services

    • Gift Wrapping
    • Specialized packaging
    • Return label insertion
    • Personalized notes
    • Boxed sets
    • Subscription services
    • Re-ticketing
    • Labeling
    • Promotional/season packaging
    • Security control application
    • Repair and alterations – point-of-sale display
    • Kitting
    • Subassembly
    • Repacking
    • Quality inspection/repair
    • RFID tags
    • Light manufacturing
  • Apparel Value Added Services
    Value-added services for apparel at a Ryder  fulfillment center

    Apparel Value Added Services

    Ryder apparel fulfillment expertly brands clothing & accessories. Solutions for apparel retailers include custom packaging, real-time inventory, easy exchanges, and scalable fulfillment services.

    • GOH (Garment on Hanger)
    • Unpack and hang
    • Hanger change
    • Sewing
    • Label changes
    • Folding
    • Polybag
    • Size ring
    • Alarm attachment
    • Clip, button, and belt
    • Press and steam

Would you like to talk to us about your current needs.

Would you like to talk to us about your current needs.

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We may use the information you provide to contact you about Ryder System, Inc. We do not share/sell your data. To learn more, view our privacy policy.

Value-added Services FAQs

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    • In e-commerce fulfillment, a value-added service (VAS) refers to additional services or enhancements beyond the standard order processing and shipping that provide extra value to customers or optimize the overall supply chain. These services go beyond the basic fulfillment process and are designed to enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiency, or meet specific requirements. Value-added services can vary depending on the nature of the products, customer expectations, and the goals of the e-commerce business.

      Ryder offers e-commerce brands in-house value-added services that maintain brand integrity and enhance the customer experience.

    • Yes, with Ryder you can take advantage of a comprehensive range of in-house 3PL value-added services available at all our e-commerce fulfillment facilities. These services are designed to enhance your customers' unboxing experience, aligning seamlessly with your brand identity. Our on-site capabilities enable us to adapt swiftly to changes and prepare inventory for sale, catering to your specific requirements. Whether it's quality inspection, labeling, or repackaging, our experienced team and internal resources ensure that your goods are prepared on time, every time.

    • Kitting is a process that involves consolidating similar yet different items into a single package for customer orders. Rather than individually selecting each item, customers can order a pre-grouped kit. This simplifies the fulfillment process as products in the kit are already grouped in the warehouse, requiring warehouse staff to pick only one package from the shelf

      During kitting, items with multiple Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are grouped under a single SKU, streamlining the picking process and improving order accuracy. For instance, in an online makeup store, bundling unique items like mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick for a party can be financially rewarding. However, managing such bundles requires a technology-driven inventory management system.

      Kitting finds application across various industries and product types, including subscription boxes, built-to-order items, assembled products, and kits of related items such as hair care or auto repair kits. Subscription boxes often feature products from multiple brands with a common theme, while kits of associated items are sold once rather than on a recurring basis. Kitting services ensure that all necessary components are included, facilitating efficient order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

      Ryder e-commerce fulfillment solutions includes kitting and assembly as value-added services. E-commerce brands can benefit from this in-house service to create a unique experience for customers.

    • In e-commerce, labeling refers to the process of attaching and displaying labels on products, packages, or shipments to convey essential information. These labels typically include details such as product names, barcodes, shipping addresses, tracking numbers, and other relevant information that aids in the identification, tracking, and handling of items throughout the supply chain. Proper labeling is crucial for efficient order fulfillment, accurate inventory management, and seamless logistics.Ryder provides expert labeling capabilities through RyderShip™, which includes printing return labels to insert in order boxes. With Ryder, e-commerce brands get even more flexibility with the ability to change labels until the box leaves the facility. This helps enhance the customer experience.

    • Quality control in e-commerce fulfillment is a critical process aimed at ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and overall quality of products and orders throughout the supply chain. It involves systematic checks and inspections at various stages, from receiving inventory in the warehouse to the final packing and shipping of customer orders. Quality control measures include verifying product specifications, checking for any defects or damages, confirming accurate quantities, and ensuring proper labeling and packaging. The goal is to identify and fix any issues before products reach the customer. Implementing effective quality control in e-commerce fulfillment contributes to customer satisfaction, reduces the likelihood of returns, and enhances the overall reliability of the supply chain operations. It is an integral part of delivering a positive and reliable customer experience in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

    • Customized packaging in e-commerce refers to the practice of creating unique and personalized packaging for products based on the brand's identity, customer experience goals, or specific promotional themes. Rather than using generic or standard packaging, customized packaging involves designing and producing packaging materials that reflect the brand's aesthetics, values, and messaging. This can include branded boxes, bags, tissue paper, stickers, and other packaging elements that contribute to a distinctive and memorable unboxing experience for customers. Customized packaging not only serves functional purposes, such as protecting the product during transit, but also adds a layer of brand storytelling and enhances the overall perceived value of the product.

      It is a strategy employed by e-commerce businesses to differentiate themselves, leave a lasting impression on customers, and build brand loyalty through a visually appealing and unique packaging presentation. Ryder value-added services for e-commerce brands includes customized and specialized packaging. This allows you to create a unique unboxing experience for your brand.

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