Ryder Last Mile Delivery

Bring your big & bulky products directly to consumers and protect your brand reputation with technology-driven final mile logistics that include four tiers of service options.

Expert Fulfillment

Get closer to your customers with access to 158+ hubs nationwide, two-day delivery to 100% of U.S., proprietary technology, and forward deployment.

Two Operating Models

Choose from dedicated and hub operating models, to maximize your last mile delivery.

Ryder Last Mile shipping hub

Dedicated Delivery Model

Integrate our carriers with your existing warehouses or docks for a flexible last mile solution.

US map with locations pinned for Ryder final mile logistics centers Hub Model

Hub Model

Leverage our network of 158+ multi-client hubs across the U.S. with 100% coverage of U.S. zip codes.

Four Tiers of Service

Get the flexibility you need to cost-effectively meet today’s final mile delivery demand. Simply choose the tier of service that’s right for you.

Front Door
Over the Threshold
Room of Choice
White Glove Delivery
Customer self-scheduling via text, email, phone
2-hour delivery window
Automated call ahead notification
2-person delivery teams
Customer return
Place inside the delivery location
Place in any room requested
Unboxing, assembly, installation and haul-away services

Industry Expertise

Companies across numerous industries trust Ryder Last Mile to maintain consistent customer satisfaction, and enhance brand integrity.


Exercise Equipment



Ryder Last Mile Delivery shipping service

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Technology Driven

From real-time tracking and self-service scheduling to intelligent routing and analytics, our technology powers your last mile solution and seamlessly integrates into your network.

RyderView app to track final mile carrier


The ultimate last mile delivery platform, RyderView™ gives you network efficiency, 100% visibility, customer self-scheduling, and a convenient experience.

Final Mile Expertise

The final mile is the most critical mile of your supply chain. Our premium big & bulky final mile logistics solution helps you meet demand while saving time and money.

      • Actionable, real-time visibility to orders, inventory, and delivery
      • Full suite of warehouse and order management tools
      • Multi-tiered delivery options
      • Supply chain engineering and analytics
      • Centralized customer care center
      • Pay as you go services configured to your needs
      • Reduced cycle times and access to 158+ hub network
      • Leading transportation solutions with vetted carriers
      • Increased velocity through forward deployment
      • Dedicated white-glove delivery and assembly teams
      • Driver teams are your brand ambassadors
      • Branded point of sale scheduling process
      • Delivery notifications and follow-up survey
      • Easy returns
      • 100% coverage of U.S. zip codes
      • Configurable delivery options
      • Two-day delivery to 100% of U.S.
      • Furniture assembly, appliance installation and hook-up
      • Faster order processing with actionable visibility

Ever Delivering

We’ve combined our vetted final mile carriers and nationwide hubs to become one of the country’s largest last mile big & bulky logistics providers.

woman running on nordictrack treadmill delivered by Ryder final mile carrier

Ryder and NordicTrack Case Study

Finish strong. A frequently-used motto in the health and fitness industry. For NordicTrack, the motto is not only heard when customers are coming to the end of a virtual exercise class, it’s also on display daily through the last mile delivery of its fitness equipment to homes across the country. Read our case study to learn more.

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Would you like to talk to us about your current business needs?

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We may use the information you provide to contact you about Ryder System, Inc. We do not share/sell your data. To learn more, view our privacy policy.

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