Become a Preferred Carrier for Ryder

Get the freight and routes you want. Carriers are critical to ensuring we can deliver on our promises to our customers, so we strive each and every day to be a shipper of choice. And we do that by providing concierge-level service coupled with digital tools that help carriers maximize uptime and revenue. We reward our carriers for consistently moving freight with our freight brokerage. We work with you to achieve your business goals and provide access to a discounted fleet of expertly maintained used vehicles that will allow you to stay moving longer and so helping them grow their fleets.

freight carrier loading back of their truck

Why Ryder?

Book your preferred loads, backhauls and lanes with a partner who listens and puts your needs first.

freight carrier support employee working at desk

Instant answers and solutions

freight carrier sitting in truck

More choice, more opportunity

freight carrier accessing freight bill& payment tool on phone

Easy payment and booking

employee looking at load board freight prices

Competitive, fair pricing

Powerful Technology, Made Easy

Leverage real-time visibility and analytics with user-friendly tools to help you dominate your day.

mobile app showing freight and shipping destination tracking

Load tracking and freight matching

Connect to the right capacity, capture key documents and enjoy faster freight visibility with one of the industry’s most trusted load tracking and predictive freight matching.

mobile tracking app for freight and shipping brokerage

Feature-rich mode management

Get high-level analytics and manage all modes on demand to see real-time status and load history. Our platform lets you scale up or down according to your needs.

web page of us map tracking route for freight shipment

Streamlined Less-Than-Truckload

Connect to a portfolio of LTL providers with aggressive blanket rate programs, price matching and end-to-end tracking. Self Service LTL makes it efficient and effortless.

What Our Customers are Saying:

Natasha B., Sales Specialist

"I have worked with Ryder on numerous accounts over the years. With all accounts Ryder always has provided exceptional service. You are provided with one main point of contact for support on loads and 24/7 support line for anything after hours. Someone is always there to help! With competitive prices on moves you cannot go wrong working with their team!"

George C., Vice President, International & Sales

“MVT values our relationship with Ryder because our values align. Ryder is passionate about service, honors commitments, and operates in a transparent manner. We believe we also operate in this way, and it has allowed us to focus on freight where both companies can win and grow our relationship.”

Freight Brokerage FAQs

Still have questions? Expand the FAQs to learn more. Complete the form to speak with a Ryder logistics expert.

    • Visit Ryder carrier website to see the necessary requirements. You will need to provide:

      • MC/MX# or DOT#
      • Company contact information
      • Electronic W9 (have your TaxID available)
      • Provide a certificate of insurance that meets the minimum requiremens ($100,000 cargo coverage and $1,000,000 auto coverage)
      • Active common or contract authority
      • Safety rating must be satisfactory or none
      • Authority active for at least 60 days
    • If relevant Ex. has different truck types that they accept and certain truck types they do not accept ie No flatbeds, cargo vans. Yes box trucks and reefers. Sometimes for sprinter vans.

      • Truckload Carriers: These carriers specialize in transporting large quantities of goods. They offer dedicated truckload services, meaning your shipment takes up an entire truck. This type of carrier is perfect for large loads and faster delivery times.
      • LTL Carriers: LTL freight carriers are ideal for smaller shipments that don't require a full truck. These LTL carriers consolidate shipments from multiple customers into one truck, maximizing efficiency and cost savings.
      • Intermodal Carriers: These carriers use a combination of modes, like trucks, trains, and ships, to transport goods. They ensure smooth transfers between different modes of transportation, making them a great choice for long-distance shipping and businesses aiming to reduce carbon emissions. At Ryder, we offer a full suite of transportation solutions, including truckload, LTL, and intermodal services, specifically tailored to meet your unique shipping needs. Rely on our expertise and dependable network to deliver your goods safely and punctually.
      • Freight forwarders: Freight forwarders organize the logistics and physical transportation of cargo. They serve as intermediaries between the shipper and the shipper’s customer, collaborating with all the transportation providers who handle the shipment and monitor the shipment from origin to destination to ensure that it arrives safely on-time. Freight forwarders can also act as the carrier and move the goods themselves. Freight forwarders manage the completion of documentation and compliance filings to ensure that the shipment is compliant and will not suffer any unnecessary delays or financial fines.
      • Freight carriers: transports goods from point A to point B on a chosen route at set rates. A freight carrier does not manage the shipment, it just moves and secures the cargo. There are 2 main types of carriers:
        • Common carrier: a transport provider that offers services to any company or person; can work with more carriers
        • Contract carrier: a transport provider that offers services to a specified shipper in the long term
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