Ryder Telematics

Ryder’s turnkey telematics solution gives you flexibility, as well as increased real-time visibility and control of your vehicles. Additionally, Ryder Telematics ensures compliance to federal regulations, including the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate.

Max uptime with Ryder Telematics

Ryder Telematics technology systems

RyderTelematics provides the technology systems and integration you need to comply with regulations, increase safety and maximize efficiencies. Through our partnership with Geotab, we streamline fleet visibility & management for IFTA records, eDVIR, reporting, and location visibility.

The Ryder Advantage

ELD Technology

Safety & Compliance

Fleet Visibility

Telematics Advantage

All Ryder Rental vehicles are equipped with Geotab devices.

Fleet Management Visibility

IFTA Trip Record Automation

Seamless eDVIR-to-Shop Workflow

Rental ELD

Ryder & Geotab

Ryder and Geotab have partnered to offer fleet owners, managers, and drivers the only comprehensive ELD solution in the industry. Through this solution you get the compliance, and full visibility into your fleet operations that you need in order to maximize uptime.

an end to empty trucks resource

An End to Empty Trucks

By leveraging technology and creative partnerships, fleet logistics experts are bringing transparency to the transportation and supply chain industry to create greater efficiency.

Ryder Choicelease

We are the only company to offer flexible lease that lets you choose the type of maintenance, terms, financing, and added value services.

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