Cross Border Logistics

Simplify your cross border logistics with our comprehensive North American services. Our single-source solution gives you a flexible and reliable network across Canada, Mexico and U.S. We customize our cross border solution for your business and remove complexity from your freight movements and supply chain. Our end-to-end network is driven by innovative technology, one of North America’s largest fleets of trucks, an expansive infrastructure of maintenance facilities and warehouses, and some of the most talented people in the industry.

Ship Cross Border Seamlessly

Remove Roadblocks. Maximize Cross Border Security

We understand that shipping freight across borders can seem daunting. But it is our expertise. We develop relationships with local authorities and carriers to have one of the strongest supply chain networks across North America, enabling us to deliver comprehensive, safe, secure, and fast cross-border solutions. It is why we’re trusted to make more than 356,000 cross border movements annually.

trucks crossing the border from US to Mexico

Vast Footprint on Both Sides of the Border

The strength of our operations in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., put Ryder in a leading position to help companies that want to nearshore their operations. Through our cross border operations, we offer: cross border coordination, drayage and yard management, direct shipment coordination, cross docking, customs forwarding, and customs brokerage. As a result, you benefit from:

  • Average border crossing time of 1-2 hours, dependent on customer capabilities
  • 99% Incident-free deliveries
  • Proven cost-reductions
  • Market leader in security and safety
  • C-TPAT certified operations and FAST certified Mexican drivers
  • Full control and visibility
  • Faster time to market

Nearshore Supply Chain Optimization

As businesses look towards nearshoring to create more resilient supply chains, understanding the nuances of US-MX or US-Can cross-border becomes key. To take full advantage of the benefits associated with nearshoring and create more resilient supply chains, Ryder can help you.

Ryder Cross Border Shipping by the Numbers


Monthly cross-border freight movements between the U.S. and Mexico


Monthly cross-border freight movements between the U.S. and Canada


Cross-border shipments per year

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Would you like to talk to us about your current business needs?

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We may use the information you provide to contact you about Ryder System, Inc. We do not share/sell your data. To learn more, view our privacy policy.

We may use the information you provide to contact you about Ryder System, Inc. We do not share/sell your data. To learn more, view our privacy policy.

Cross Border FAQs

Still have questions? Expand the FAQs to learn more. Complete the form above to speak with a Ryder cross-border expert.

    • Cross Border logistics refer to the management and coordination of the transportation, documentation, customs clearance and other related activities involved in the movement of goods and resources across national borders. It plays a crucial role in facilitating international rade by ensuring te efficient flow products as they pass from one country to another.

    • Ryder Mexico manages more than 250,000 freight movements annually across the entire Mexican border, supporting customers in the automotive, industrial, technology, and consumer packaged goods industries. We also operate 10+ million square feet of multiclient and dedicated warehouse and yard space across Mexico. Ryder also holds key industry certifications, such as C-TPAT and AEO, to ensure faster, more secure trade while reducing inspections and fees.

      • Security
      • Customs Clearance

      o Ryder helps take on the regulatory burdens that businesses face with international logistics

      • Capacity constraints

      o Excessive movement of trucks with ten trucks exiting for every three coming in 

      • Bottleneck at border crossings

      o Effective and planning can help decrease downtown at border crossings

      • Language Barriers / Cultural differences

      o Ryder hires bilingual staff who understand, employees located and from Mexico etc

      • Ryder acts as a freight forwarder for our Cross Border solution
      • Freight forwarders manage the carrier relationships and help optimize transportation costs to get the best possible price. Ryder is an "Authorized Economic Operator" which enables us to take advantage of simplified customs clearance allowing for deferred payment of import duties and charges and end to end transportation of goods for their clients.
      • Additionally freight forwarders help customers with

      o Cargo insurance o Advice for proper packaging and storage

      o Reports, customer performance reports

      o Supply chain optimization: recommendations on the best means of transport and route for a shipment according to origin, nature of merchandise, destination, seasonality and urgency.

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