Returns Management

Optimize your returns, and reverse logistics, to enhance your customer experience and reduce costs. At Ryder, our e-commerce returns capabilities include printing & inserting return labels, disposition, processing, and returning inventory to stock. As a result, you boost customer satisfaction and loyalty with a convenient and seamless returns process.

Why Ryder?

Configurable Workflows

Experience a returns process that works for you and your customers. A bad returns process can cost your business up to 15% in revenue. With Ryder e-commerce fulfillment solutions, you get customized reverse logistics with a leading returns management platforms to ensure you maximize revenue, while cutting costs, and boosting.

Factors Affecting Costs of Returns

The following costs must be taken into account for returns management.

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Partners for Streamlined Returns Management

Take advantage of our partnerships ecosystem for your returns management needs. RyderShip™ offers integrations with top returns management software platforms to handle the process for you.

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Turn Returns into Opportunities

More than 60% of online shoppers say they will not shop with a brand that has a difficult returns processes. If you handle e-commerce returns management well, returns can be an opportunity for repeat business. While reverse logistics can be tricky to navigate, a returns management solution from Ryder makes it easy for you and your customers.

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Identify Trends

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Free Returns

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Increase Loyalty

Illustration showing the reverse logistics process from customer to warehouse

Offering Exchanges

While the exchange process involves some reverse logistics costs, it helps to prevent revenue from disappearing out the door by replacing a returned item. With Ryder and the right cross-selling and upselling tactics, exchanges can even result in adding more money to your bottom line.

Would you like to talk to us about your current needs.

Would you like to talk to us about your current needs.

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We may use the information you provide to contact you about Ryder System, Inc. We do not share/sell your data. To learn more, view our privacy policy.

Returns Management FAQs

Still have questions? Expand the FAQs to learn more. Complete the form to speak with a Ryder e-commerce expert.

    • Yes. Ryder can receive and disposition e-commerce returns for your brand. This includes discarding items that cannot be resold.

    • Yes. Customers return products for a variety of reasons and Ryder can receive returns and determine whether they can be immediately returned to inventory, require refurbishment, or if they need to be discarded based on your returns guidelines.

    • Yes. Ryder’s partner network includes Loop Returns, Happy Returns, AfterShip, Arrive, and Bold Metrics.

    • Through integrations with select returns management technologies, your customers have visibility into the status of their returns.

    • Yes. Contact us to connect with one of our e-commerce operations experts and tell us more about your specific needs.

    • Yes. Through integrations with select returns management technologies, returns can be turned into opportunities to capture additional sales and revenue for your e-commerce brand.

    • Yes. Through integrations with select returns management technologies, rates of fraud and abuse of your return policy can be lowered.

    • The technology providers in our partner network can integrate with almost any logistics, customer service, marketing, and shipping platforms.

    • Returns management and returns logistics are two essential components of the reverse supply chain process in e-commerce and retail operations. Returns management encompasses the policies, procedures, and systems put in place to efficiently handle returned merchandise. It involves processing return requests, issuing refunds or exchanges, restocking returned items, and managing the disposition of returned goods. The primary objectives of returns management are to enhance customer satisfaction by providing a smooth returns experience, minimize the financial impact of returns, and optimize the recovery value of returned merchandise.

      Returns logistics specifically focus on the physical transportation and handling of returned products from the customer back to the seller or designated location. It involves planning, coordinating, and executing transportation, packaging, and warehousing activities related to returned goods, with the main goals of streamlining the reverse logistics process, minimizing transportation costs, and ensuring efficient flow of returned merchandise through the supply chain. Both returns management and returns logistics are integral to effectively managing returns and maintaining customer satisfaction in e-commerce and retail businesses.

    • Return-ready packaging is packaging that is designed with secondary usage in mind, mainly for customers to send their items back to the warehouse. Using containers with multiple adhesives avoids your staff needing to use yards of tape to seal boxes, saving both time and resources. Furthermore, it minimizes the odds of damage occurring when opened, making it easier to use containers for multiple orders. This includes:

      • Pull-tab boxes
      • Double-sealed mailer envelopes
      • Ziplock bags
      • Spare adhesive strips for regular packaging types
    • Packaging is usually specified by a brand based on their individual requirements. Our team of fulfillment experts can help identify and order the best option for your brand. Ryder offers eco-friendly packaging to help with sustainability initiatives and eliminate wasteful packaging like plastics. These alternatives include renewable packaging, compostable poly mailers (bioplastics), recycled kraft shopping bags or filler, biodegradable packing tape and stickers, recycled corrugated cardboard boxes, and other packaging materials that contribute less waste.”

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