Freight Brokerage Solutions

Partner with a full-service North American brokerage that anticipates your needs, with agile supply chain solutions that keep you in the driver’s seat. Ryder has freight brokerage capabilities across all modes and supply capacity for your company’s shipping needs. We help you handle cyclical rise and fall, volume increases, difficult lanes or other unanticipated requirements. Ryder freight brokerage can help you save time and money with our extensive industry expertise and connections to negotiate lower rates for you and handle all the communication between shippers and carriers.

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Why Ryder?

Time is money—and we’ve got your back. Get the service, transparency and access you deserve. Every time. On time.

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All The Modes You Need. One Dedicated Partner

Your business isn’t one size fits all, nor should your shipping solutions. Ryder Freight Brokerage can help you decide on the proper freight mode for your shipment. You may need LTL shipping for specific loads, full truckloads for others, and air freight. No matter what, Ryder has the logistics expertise to help you find shipping solutions to make your business thrive.

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Truckload (TL)

We have access to truckload capacity on our fleet and within our highly qualified nationwide or global network of third-party carriers. This includes dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, and temperature controlled.


Less-Than-Truckload truck being loaded with different pallets

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

Ship your freight paying only for the space you use instead of the whole truck. We have access to a large network that helps getting your freight where it needs to go for an optimized rate.

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Expedited Freight

When you need your shipment to get urgent to a place or requires special care, Ryder has expertise to deliver to your expedited requirements.

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Intermodal Freight

Ryder can move freight by two or more modes of transportation. By loading cargo into intermodal containers, shipments can move seamlessly between trucks, trains and cargo ships and get to destination competently and on time.

The Ryder Difference

Move freight any way, any time or anywhere—regardless of market conditions—to keep your business rolling.

  • Dedicated Concierge
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    Dedicated Concierge

    Trust in your own 24/7/365 specialist to champion your concerns and respond quicker to your precise needs.

  • Right capacity, reliable service
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    Right capacity, reliable service

    Get the right freight shipping solution every time—no matter the size, mode or complexity. We pride ourselves on our vetted freight carrier relationships.

  • Visibility and market intel
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    Visibility and market intel

    Track your freight shipping any time and get strategic market intel and analytics so you can make more informed decisions.

  • Trust and assurance
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    Trust and assurance

    Sleep well knowing Ryder is on your side and will never turn back a load. We keep our word. No excuses—just smarter solutions.

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Are you looking to become a contract carrier with Ryder Brokerage?

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Get a Shipping Quote

We may use the information you provide to contact you about Ryder System, Inc. We do not share/sell your data. To learn more, view our privacy policy.

We may use the information you provide to contact you about Ryder System, Inc. We do not share/sell your data. To learn more, view our privacy policy.

Freight Brokerage FAQs

Still have questions? Expand the FAQs to learn more. Complete the form to speak with a Ryder logistics expert.

    • Freight brokerage is a service that matches cargo with reliable carriers for transport. Freight brokerage companies are responsible for selecting trustworthy carrier partners and managing the logistics of each shipment.

      • Carrier Management: Selecting high-quality dependable carriers is an integral part of the freight brokerage process, Ryder thoroughly vets all of our carriers to ensure safety and security for our customer’s shipments.
      • Shipping Management: Freight brokerage companies are responsible for planning a shipment’s journey from start to finish. This includes everything from arranging shipment pickup, providing in-transit updates, having recovery options and working with consignees to arrange deliveries to decrease cost for customers.
      • Vast network of carriers
      • Technology & Tracking Capabilities
      • Customer Service
      • Cost savings
      • Contract negotiations
    • Freight brokers are the middlemen of logistics. Brokers connect shippers who need freight hauled to carriers to haul the freight. Brokers are often hired by shippers. That means freight brokers do not actually have the freight and generally can't be held liable for any freight claims. Learn more.

    • Working with a freight broker can save time, money and resources by reducing the investment shippers make in equipment, buildings, technology, and more. Shippers can reap the benefits of having their own shipping department without having to finance a shipping department. Learn more.

    • One of the main jobs of a freight brokerage is to monitor the transportation market. This market is often subject to price volatility, making it difficult for an outsider to know what the “best price” is for a shipment. A good broker will stay knowledgeable of the latest price fluctuations in the industry. When used correctly, this expertise will lead to the procurement of the best possible price for different requirements. Learn more.

    • As a broker, ensuring that the carriers we work with are reliable and safe is not just a best practice; it's a matter of liability and reputation. Experience Level: Experience matters in the freight industry. Carriers with several years of experience are often more stable and better equipped to handle market fluctuations. On-Time Performance and Reliability: Reliable carriers provide their on-time performance data or references from other satisfied companies. CSA Percentile Scores: Review carriers' Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program scores and records to gauge their safety and compliance. Carrier Insurance Certificates: Collecting valid and up-to-date insurance coverage certificates from each carrier to mitigate potential liability and compliance issues.

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