Electric Cargo Van Rental

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Electric Cargo Van

Electric Cargo Van

Looking for a simple way to electrify your fleet or try an electric vehicle for the first time? The electric cargo van is now available through Ryder Truck Rental.

The future of the transportation industry is here with Ryder’s addition of the innovative electric cargo van. With this cargo van you can get the most out of your freight transportation needs while reducing your carbon footprint with zero tailpipe emissions. With a regenerative braking system that saves energy and segment leading safety features, drivers can rest assured that they’re capable of hauling up to 600 cu.-ft. of inventory with reliable security. 

The van is equipped with built-in connectivity that enables real-time vehicle location and status to improve operational efficiencies. Plus, with DC Fast Charge or AC Level 2 options, finding stations with compatible charging ports is easier than ever.

With easy access to cargo and low step-in height, the electric cargo van maximizes comfort and convenience when transporting goods. Not only does the power of this state-of-the-art EV ensure peak efficiency, but it also maintains operational consistency to guarantee long-lasting use. That means more profit in your pocket while renting.

Rent an electric cargo van today. Contact your Ryder Truck Rental account rep or click the button below. Don't forget to take advantage of our current rental promotions.

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