Healthcare Supply Chain: Gain Complete Control with Self-distribution

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Case study: healthcare supply chain

Healthcare organizations can take control of distribution processes for medical supplies, devices, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare-related products. In this case study, learn how Ryder helped a large healthcare organization transform its supply chain to a self-distribution model. The end-to-end supply chain solution includes warehouse management, automation, WMS and visibility technology, and outbound transportation through a Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solution that provides customized trucks and trained drivers. Through this solution, the organization gained complete control of its distribution network, 100% visibility of inventory, and perfected the flow of products to its end-users—hospitals and health clinics.

As a result of this new strategy, the healthcare organization has also increased control over the availability, quality, and cost of the supplies they need to provide healthcare services.

Additional benefits of this healthcare supply chain solution include:

Increased efficiency: Greater visibility and continuous improvement of processes, ensuring the availability of critical products and reducing the risk of stockouts or delays.

Cost savings: Predictable costs for warehouse management and transportation services.

Efficient inventory management: Tailored inventory management processes to your specific needs, optimizing stock levels and reducing waste or overstocking.

Flexibility and responsiveness: With direct control over the supply chain and a trusted partner like Ryder, healthcare organizations can quickly adapt to changing demands, emerging trends, and unexpected disruptions.

Download the case study to learn more about the solution and results.

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