Stake Truck

Lease a stake truck today.

Please call 1-855-785-5671 to lease this unit. This medium-duty flatbed truck features removable stakes and hydraulic lift gates to simplify the loading and unloading process. It also includes automatic transmission, efficient diesel engine, air conditioning, and power steering.

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  1. Tax Advantage Solution

    All the benefits of a truck lease while retaining the tax benefits of ownership.

    • Accelerated tax benefits
    • Interest deduction
    • Maintenance costs deduction
  2. Fair Market Value Lease

    Closed-end truck lease with no down payment, 100% financing, and no residual risk.

    • Fixed or variable payments
    • Option to purchase at lease end
    • Improved cash flow
  3. FlexTrac

    Responsible for the residual value with the option to purchase at a pre-determined price.

    • Improved cash flow
    • Up-front purchase option
    • Lower monthly lease payments


  • No capital outlay
  • All maintenance included
  • Substitute vehicles included
  • Licensing, safety, compliance included
  • Truck replaced and disposed


  • Down payment and capital tied up
  • Unpredictable maintenance costs
  • Pay for rentals
  • Time & expense of compliance
  • Responsible for disposal

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