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Transportation managers face a litany of challenges in today’s logistics environment. Driver safety and productivity, cost-cutting initiatives, capacity variability, regulatory changes, fuel price volatility, and the need to get shipments to their final destinations quickly are all key concerns making the job more complex than ever. The companies that adapt to these disruptions will create a bigger competitive advantage for themselves today and in the future.

The benefits to turning to an outsourced transportation management strategy are immense including reduced costs, improved service levels, better shipment tracking and visibility, and more time to focus on core business strategies.

Download our white paper and learn how you can gain:

  • Expertise in all modes, enabling strategic partnerships and total cost of ownership with carriers, customers and your outsourced transportation provider
  • Leveraged buying power
  • Rate negotiation and carrier relationship management
  • Data and analytics for continuous improvement
  • Contract administration and insurance compliance

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