Technology & Innovation

Ryder is leading the future of logistics through its investments, development, and implementation of powerful technology and innovation. As a result, our customers benefit from real-time connectivity, transparency and collaboration across their operation.


Single API gateway compatible with your systems allows you to send and receive data across your entire network.

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Easy-to-use technology built and designed to provide immediate value to your organization.

Increase productivity, margins, and efficiency through digitized processes and business intelligence.

Ryder Innovations

Disruption is a prime focus of supply chains, whether it’s positive business surges or times of crisis. Overcoming these disruptors requires a resilient supply chain with complete visibility, flexibility, and optimization across the entire supply chain.

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Future of Logistics

The world is moving from physical to digital, wasteful to sustainable, delayed to instantaneous, manual to automated. The pace and disruption force companies to re-think how they do business to prepare them for the future.

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Simplifying the End-to-End Supply Chain

The Future of Logistics Part I

The Future of Logistics Part II