Independent Freight Agents

Ryder knows starting an independent freight agency can be complicated and competitive. If you’re looking for independence and an opportunity to own your business, you owe it to yourself to consider Ryder. As a leading logistics provider, we equip you with the support and expertise backing you need to succeed.

About Our Independent Freight Agent Program

Join Team Ryder and we’ll help you grow your freight agent business.

If you are looking for the best freight agent program, Ryder is the place for you. Your primary role as an Independent Freight Agent will be to build long-term relationships with shippers and contract carriers and arrange transportation services. You will be responsible for sourcing direct shippers, contract carriers, negotiating rates, scheduling freight and solving problems quickly and effectively. Your ability to find innovative solutions, negotiate deals and manage day-to-day challenges means financial freedom and a life well-lived. With your knowledge and experience of the transportation brokerage industry and our technology and business office support, you’ll be on your way to independence and financial security.

Become a Ryder Freight Agent

Establish Your Freight Agency with us Today

Access to vast company resources

Asset-based logistics provider

Leading technology platform

Competitive compensation split

Zero saturation

Dedicated accounting & back office support

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Why Ryder?

Ryder is one of the most trusted names in the transportation industry, and we provide every agent with a host of tools, resources and support to help assist and accelerate your brokerage agency's growth.

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Why You?

Grow your business with us. Capitalize on your skills and knowledge, and shape your future with the brand recognition and trust of Ryder.

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