Ryder Roadside Assistance

With Ryder Roadside Assistance, you’re never left alone if you have a breakdown or accident on the road. We get you back rolling by promptly responding to service requests for a variety of mechanical issues that can stall your vehicle and delay your deliveries. If necessary, we can help with a substitute vehicle.

Reliability That Keeps You Rolling

Instant Access to Our Large Network of Experts

Problems on the road can happen at any time, which is why Ryder’s qualified service providers are always ready to help. No matter where you are, our customer support team will send a technician to your location in a matter of moments to assist with:

icon flat tires

Flat Tires

icon dead batteries

Dead Batteries

icon lockouts


Icon empty fuel tanks

Empty Fuel Tanks

icon accidents


icon towing


What to Expect from Ryder Roadside Assistance

Benefits of RyderGyde™ for Roadside Support

With the free RyderGyde™ app, you can call Roadside Assistance straight from our digital platform. You also receive the following benefits with full visibility from start to finish:

expedited roadside assistance truck

Expedited Road Assistance

  • Drivers can submit a Roadside case with a few clicks.
  • The vehicle location is quickly identified.
  • Driver will automatically be directed to their dedicated service number.
  • SMS Notifications are provided for status updates
roadside assistance tracking

Road Assistance Tracking

  • Fleet managers and drivers can track active Roadside cases on a mobile device and RyderGyde.com.
  • Fleet managers can also see a history of all Roadside cases if needed.
  • Active Roadside cases can be shared by fleet managers and drivers to anybody via link.
  • Automatic SMS updates can be set up.
Frequently Asked Questions

Ryder Roadside Assistance FAQs

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