Dan Martinez

Dan Martinez is a content writers and joined the Ryder team in 2021. Dan's played a crucial role in supporting multiple business lines, including the e-commerce fulfillment, last mile delivery, supply chain solutions, rental, maintenance, and lease business units. He has also been instrumental in developing the messaging and personality for several Ryder technology products which includes leading the marketing efforts of Torque by Ryder, a startup within the company.

Before joining Ryder, Dan honed his writing skills across various industries and served as a news reporter. This diverse background has equipped him with a unique perspective and a versatile writing style that enhances his contributions to Ryder's thought leadership.

Outside of his professional life, Dan has a passion for competition and has coached high school baseball, sharing his love for the sport and mentoring young athletes. In his leisure time, Dan enjoys playing chess and is training to play in international tournaments.

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