Maximizing Split Shipments with Data Integration

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This blog is an excerpt from our latest ebook “Turning the page: Preparing for the next frontier of e-commerce” by VL OMNI, the integration platform partner for real-time and scalable customer order and shipment data. You can check out the rest of the e-book here.

Leveraging data integration for split shipments is poised to revolutionize how businesses fulfill customer orders. Split shipments involve dividing a single order into multiple shipments, each sent from different locations or at different times.

Split shipments have emerged as a strategic fulfillment tactic, allowing businesses to meet customer demands efficiently. However, for businesses with complex technology stacks and a need for seamless data movement, plug-and-play or native applications may fall short. This is where scalable data integration steps in, offering a scalable solution to optimize your split shipment strategy.

The challenge with plugin integrations

While native plugin integrations are useful for simple issues faced by merchants, they may struggle to handle the demands of high-growth scaling with intricate tech ecosystems. This is especially true when it comes to the complexities of split shipments. Native plugin integrations may not have the flexibility and adaptability required to manage this advanced fulfillment strategy effectively.

How data integration can help

iPaaS data integration platforms are designed to tackle the intricacies of split shipments head-on. Here's how data integration can streamline the process and enhance your e-commerce operations:

Splitting orders with precision

When an order needs to be split based on where the items are shipped from, a data integration platform can handle this task seamlessly. It categorizes the data and directs it to its intended target application, ensuring a clear and error-free split of the order.

Tracking and order closure

Once the pick, pack, and ship process is complete, tracking details are applied. With the data aligned correctly, it’s possible to trigger multiple tracking emails to keep customers informed and close the order once the final item has been shipped. This level of automation enhances customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Complex supply chains? No problem

Many enterprise and mid-market merchants operate with complex supply chains, involving multiple 3PLs, warehouses, and drop-shippers. The needs and setup variations can be endless. A platform like VL OMNI is designed to adapt to these complexities, ensuring that your split shipments are executed flawlessly, regardless of your supply chain's intricacies.

Error reconciliation and data movement redundancies

As enterprise merchants deal with significantly higher transaction volumes, the potential for errors also increases, especially during split shipments. Error reconciliation and data movement redundancies become paramount in these scenarios:

Data Validation and Completeness

In high-volume moments or bursts, data received from Webhooks may be incomplete. VL OMNI's platform validates the data and recalls the APIs to complete the data in cases of errors. This meticulous approach ensures that no data is lost during transit, even in the busiest times.

Handling API Throttling

In high-volume scenarios, platform APIs can throttle out, preventing further data transfers. With standard integrations, this could result in order data being lost. VL OMNI's platform, on the other hand, retains the data until API throttling subsides, allowing for resubmission to the target application. This guarantees that data always reaches its intended destination, even in challenging conditions.

Having a partner who understands the complexities of split shipments and offers tailored solutions to deliver exceptional service is a massive strategic advantage. As you navigate the challenges of split shipments in 2024 and beyond, trust VL OMNI's integration platform to optimize your fulfillment strategy and drive growth in your e-commerce operations. It's time to embrace the future of split shipments with confidence!

In our latest e-book, we into what e-commerce businesses should be thinking about as we turn the page and head into 2024. Ryder and a handful of our top partners are bringing clarity to an uncertain landscape where recession is looming and customer retention has never mattered more. Download “Turning the page: Preparing for the next frontier of e-commerce.”

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